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Here's a little something about me


I should start by saying 'No' that is not me in the photograph above but in a way it does summarise the photography that I enjoy. Sometimes I find it difficult trying to explain the type of photography that I do but in general terms I would describe it as 'Observational Documentary'.


By this I mean, it is not just a case of 'what' I see, it is really much more the 'way' I see it and as a result this often means waiting for the 'right' moment before I press the button and take the photograph. The famous French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson defined it far better by calling it 'The Decisive Moment' and that is the perfect description.


Over the years I have found that I enjoy photographing people. I have tried many other subjects including landscape, architecture and natural history. However, when I turn my camera towards people it seems to give a slight tremor of pleasure, so I spent some time thinking about why that should be and I think I know the reason why.


Landscapes, Birds, Bees & Buildings, although they are all very interesting in their own way however, for me, they do not have the wonderful diversity that I find in People.  Their facial expressions, the way they walk, stand and talk, thier cultural and religious differences, their dress and way of life, all of these come together to form part of the colourful, diverse and incredibly beautiful world in which I live.

They are in fact part of the Rainbow that I am trying to Capture, hence the name of my website. I therefore allow my camera to have it's moment of pleasure and at the same time I can also feel and enjoy that pleasure as well.

As an active member of The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) wanted to work towards gaining one of their distinctions. In April 2010 I presented a panel of 10 images which was a successful submission for my Liceniateship (LRPS). This result realy did encourage me to progress and it was then that I decided to focus on Urban and Street photography and following this decision I started to photograph some of the many street markets and other interesting places in London.


However, as London Underground were celebrating their 50th anniversary, I ended up by starting a photographic project which was my version of celebrating that event. As a result I then spent many hours using the Underground and photographing the people who use it every day. For me this was a very rewarding expirence, being able to photograph so many people in so many different locations, all with no issues or problems. I travelled on every tube line some from emd to end, sometimes on crowded trains and other times when they were almost empty.  From the many images taken I was able to select the 15 required by the RPS to form a panel, my selected images were then submitted to the RPS for examination and judgement. This was followed by a very long and anxious wait but in the end I was extremely thrilled to have my submission accepted and I now hold their Associateship Distinction (ARPS)


Since then I was very surprisingly nominated to recieve a very special award; The Annual Members Award, which goes with Honorary Life Membership of The Royal Photographic Society. This is most definitely and without any doubt the highlight of my photographic career and and I was extremely honoured to have been nominated. The award was presented to me by Vanessa Slawson FRPS on 28th September 2019 at their headquarters in Bristol.

To vist the RPS Website please click on the image above.


Below is a link to my personal page on The Royal Photographic Society web site which will soon be showing a few of my own favourite images.

Then there is a link to Cambridge in Colour a very informative web site providing a wealth of photographic information.

This is followed by three of my personal favourite photographers whose work I respect and admire, they are;

Joel Meyerowitz, Simon Roberts & Martin Parr.

My RPS Home page
A very useful learning Link
Great American street photographer
Great British Observational Photographer
He just sees us as we are! Brilliant stuff




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